Manufacturer of Ladies Garments and Accessories, Fancy Fabrics and Laces

Kajal® Flozen Trendz LLP manufacture of ladies garments and type of fabrics like cotton fabric, chiffon fabric, silk fabric, velvet fabric, net fabric, in Surat, Gujarat, India. Kajal® Flozen Trendz LLP have achieved absolute customer satisfaction via providing best garment fabrics. Our skill, great manufacturing facility and dedicated staff, all together have help us in gaining credibility. To follow international quality standards, we utilize premium range basic materials in product manufacturing of our range. Also, have sophisticated production, warehouse facilities & skilled workforce to greet the demands of customers.

Types of Fabrics:

Fabrics are used to make ladies garments. We are offering huge range of ladies garments fabrics. We provide quality fabrics to precious consumers at the reasonable price. This fabrics are very much in demand both in national and international market.

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Cotton Fabric:

Cotton is a fiber which comes from the cotton plant’s seedpod and is used to create many fabric types. The fiber is void in the center and, down the microscope, it resembles as twisted ribbon. The most common weaves in cotton are the twill and plain weave.

Chiffon Fabric:

Chiffon is a lightweight woven fabric with mesh similar weave that gives transparent appearance. The ‘Chiffon’ word is a French origin meaning cloth. It is made from silk, cotton or synthetic fibers like rayon, polyester and nylon. Chiffon is commonly used to weave Dresses, Sarees, and Scarves.

Silk Fabric:

Silk is a fine lustrous fiber collected mainly of fibroin and build by insect larvae to make cocoons, especially the elastic, strong, fibrous secretion of silkworms utilize to make fabric and thread. fabric is made from this fiber.

Velvet Fabric:

Velvet is a woven tufted fabric. In velvet the cut threads are distributed evenly, with a dense pile, which gives it a soft feel. Velvet can be build from either natural fibers or synthetic one.

Net Fabric:

In Net yarns are looped, knotted or fused at their intersections, result in a fabric with spaces open between the yarns. Net fabric has many uses, and it come in different varieties.

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