Top Fabric Materials For Diwali Fashion Clothes

Top Fabric Materials For Diwali Fashion Clothes

Velvet Fabric

Velvet is top fabric for festival fashion. This shiny, rich fabric has been seen in trend during recent times. The velvet fabric is expensive when it comes to manufacturing before industrial power looms. Velvet fabric is difficult to clean because of the pile, But, modern dry cleaning technology has made this task feasible. Velvet pile is created by vertical or warp yarns & velveteen pile is created by fills or weft yarns. Moreover, the basic fabric is made from silk. Velvet fabric is associated and originated in Kashmir from the beginning of 14th century and was introduced gradually to other places and countries as well.

Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon fabric is a popular form of fabric material with ladies across the world. Chiffon fabric can be created with cotton, fine materials like silk, as well as synthetic fibres like rayon; it resembles a net, which is the major reasons why chiffon is slightly see through. The word chiffon comes from the French word for cloth or fabric. Silk chiffon fabric is the sturdiest formation of chiffon, The other versions of this chiffon fabric are also equally popular. Chiffon is the best fabric for Diwali.

Faux Georgette Fabric

Faux georgette is the popular types of fabrics material in ethnic fashion today, It is very much in for festival ladies garments. It is an artificial georgette version of twisted yarns of rayon, nylon or polyester rather than silk. In the last decades, various modern western fabrics like georgette, crepe and chiffon have become a primary in Indian fashion and become popular like cotton fabrics and traditional silk. Of these, faux georgette is probably the in most demand because of its versatility, beauty and comfort.

Silk Fabric

Silk fabric is one of the popular material choices in India. Silk has been manufactured in India from centuries, using various types of weaving techniques & styles. Many of these regional varieties of silk fabric have become extremely popular fabric material. Silk Fabrics are Shining, lightweight and smooth. The type of materials used and weaving techniques are different in different parts of India. Silk is most suitable fabric for Diwali.

Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric tends to be very comfortable and breezy. Cotton is airy and very absorbent, and it also takes on the colour well. It can be used to make many beautiful colourful outfits. Cotton fabric is classic, traditional pieces and mostly come in bright and light colours which make suitable for days wear. Buy ladies garments in the cotton material to feel comfortable on this Diwali.