Ladies Garments, Fabric And Accessories Manufacturer

Ladies Garments, Fabric And Accessories Manufacturer

Kajal® Flozen Trendz LLP is Supplier and Manufacturer of Ladies Garment, Accessories and Fabric. Kajal® Flozen Trendz LLP restricted continually has the prime client providing in each market and is revered to be the most effective women wear and women Fabrics and accessories manufacturer in Surat, Gujarat. we provide the gathering of a large vary of Ladies Fabrics and accessories, Fabric styles. we tend to style the materials in accordance with the newest fashion trends.

A garment is created not solely from the attire Fabric however conjointly numerous accent things. the material is that the basic material in garment producing. aside from Fabric of a garment, the opposite materials area unit called garment accessories.

A Fashion accent is associate degree item wont to contribute, during a secondary manner, to the wearer’s outfit, typically wont to complete associate degree outfit and chosen to specifically complement the wearer’s look. Fashion accessories add color, style, and sophistication to associate degree outfit, and build a definite look, however, they’ll even have sensible functions.

Types Of Fabrics

Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon essentially refers to a lightweight plain weaved sheer fashion Fabric with a soft drape of alternate Sand Z-twist crepe yarns. The twist within the crepe yarns puckers the material slightly in each direction once weaving, giving it some stretch and a rather rough feel. These materials once delayed to the sunshine powerfully resembles closely woven netting. Chiffon Fabric may be factory-made mistreatment totally different fibers like silk, synthetic, polyester, rayon, cotton, etc.

Cotton Fabric

Kajal® Flozen Trendz LLP is manufacturer and Supplier of Cotton materials. Cotton Fabric is that the world’s hottest and used material. Cotton Fabric by the meter is instantly obtainable for all types of comes, and here we tend to take deeper into this essential textile.

Silk Fabric

We area unit manufacturer OF Silk Fabric. Silk Fabric is wide called the foremost luxurious and delightful Fabric within the world. This natural Fabric is created from the larvae of the mulberry silkworm to construct their cocoons. it’s conjointly a generalized term for any Fabric made mistreatment silk yarns or fibers.

Velvet Fabric

Velvet could be a versatile Fabric and may be used for each interior, upholstery, and wear. it’s soft and deluxe and is seeing an increasing quality in each area.