Fancy Lace Borders Manufacturers Suppliers and Wholesalers

Fancy Lace Borders Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesalers

Lace Borders are essential parts of the saree. It Enhances the look and makes saree more beautiful. We are fancy lace border manufacturer, supplier and wholesalers worldwide, Lace borders make saree stylish and it will look trendy on all age women. Now, there are many types of Lace border available in the market. Sari lace borders can vary in many ways, depending on the innovation of the style and the designer of the saree.

The size, patterns, designs, fabrics, and colors, as well as the skill used to make lace borders for sarees, vary vastly from saree to saree. Many women prefer to buy the saree border individually and then attach it to their plain sarees. This way, they can personalize the garment and make sure it is as flattering as possible. Lace is made up of yarn and fabrics, stitched together to form a design or pattern.

There are several types of laces that are used for different occasions. Laces are primarily used to enhance the fabric and give an appealing outlook to the garments. This is the reason that many women choose laces that contrast in color to the saree or in the same color of the saree. Laces are the beauty enhancer of sarees, kurtas and dress material.

Types of Saree Lace Borders:

Saree lace borders can vary in many ways, depending on the innovation of the designer and style of the saree. The size, designs, colors, fabrics, and patterns, as well as the skill used to make laces for sarees, will vary from one saree to another. The function of the lace borders is to define the saree and give a classy finish. Below is some types of saree lace borders:

  • Printed Lace Border

We offer a wide range of Weightless Printed Saree lace borders to our respected customers. Prints lace borders are basics but in demand always, because it used in daily wear saree. This type of laces are washable and do not ruin easily. Printed borders are bright and peppy.

  • Embroidered Lace Border

There are types of embroidery lace border design can use on saree, dress, shawls, necklines, sleeve. The embroidery laces can be used on a single row or made two or three rows. We can add some decoration like sequins, beads to make it more pretty.

  • Lace Piping Border

Lace piping border can add a great look to any plain saree. The beautiful lace border has been created like crochet border. It will suit with most kind of cloth, in saree how border suits material makes the impact. And Laces border makes any saree look fancier.

  • Gota Patti Lace Border

The Gota Patti is created for a dashing brightness, mostly suited for big functions. It is made with stonework, and copper, silver or gold Gota. This saree border will look great on bright as well as dull color. Gota Patti work is famous as Lappe ka kaam in Rajasthan.

  • The Ethnic Border

Without any doubt, the most elegant and with great character are ethnic handcrafted borders which give a look of a diva. The best choice is kalamkari border that adds an element of art to saree.

  • Bold Velvet lace Borders

Velvet with soft fabrics, with contrast color and when it comes with embroidery, the result is incredible. Velvet is popular for rich look and velvet borders look grand and lighter than whole fabric velvet sarees. velvet borders add shine to a plain saree which looks chic.

  • Parsi Gara lace Borders

Parsi Gara work is an expensive one, however, there are cheaper versions that try to imitate with fine needlework. Usage of this borders on plain sarees takes it to another level.

  • Mirror Work lace Borders

it’s not necessary that mirror work will always be flash shinning when it presented with grace can be subtle and sophisticated. Flashiness can reduce with thread in pastel shades to give it the right amount of dazzle.