Fancy Lace Border Design For Salwar Suit

Fancy Lace Border Design For Salwar Suit. the luxurious thing about lace that it’s a favorite material amongst all women. Being casual is same as being comfy and contented, classy and comfortable piece of Casual Salwar Kameez with nice lace tape looks amazing. Ladies can get salwar suit in innumerable fabrics, colors, prints, and embroideries. Then add suitable lace tape ant border of the material and your salwar suit is ready in su

ch a beautiful way.

Salwar suit is in fashion these days. Salwar kameez are so comfortable. Salwar suits are woven out of nice soft materials which are breathable and feel light and relaxed. You can also have salwar suits in rich fabrics like satin or brocade for special occasions. A lace border enhances the look of all kind of salwar suit.

  • Pearl Adhere

Every woman has the great love for pearls and they can have them everywhere be it in their jewelry or apparels. For that purpose, salwar suit with pearl fancy lace border is quite popular as they look quite pretty on every woman. Plain salwar suit looks so majestic with a string of pearl border all around.

  • Mirror Attached

The designers have made the best use of the traditional Indian art of mirror work and created the contemporary look designer salwar suit with mirror work. If you want a dazzling look then you can pick a plain salwar suit with a mirror work or alternatively you can also style your plain salwar suit by adding a customized a mirror work border having resham embroidery.

  • Adding Velvet

With no embroidery or no other work, the velvet border in itself is more than enough to make a salwar suit stand out from the crowd. If you are a bit on the heavier side then try not to go for too much broad velvet borders instead go for sleek velvet borders. Since the velvet border may look a bit gaudy, hence it’s a better idea to wear this type of salwar suit at occasions like wedding and parties.

  • Floral Embroidery

The floral patterns are all over these days and especially in Indian wear, the floral patterns have emerged as a trendsetter. You can find so many plain salwar suits with embossed or embroidered floral work these days. This type of salwar suit is apt to wear at parties and wedding.

  • Scallop Border

This type of lace tape border is usually heavy and scallop border salwar suit are apt for weddings. The scallop border is usually decorated with intricate embroidery, mirror, butta and mirror work. You can wear these salwar suit with designs having 3/4th sleeves, it looks great.

  • Sequins Border

If you like to look flashy and dazzling then sequins salwar suit border is perfect for you. The best thing is that sequins is also quite in trend these days. Celebs like Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanaka Chopra loves to don a sequins suit. You can also add some glittery charm to your personality by wearing a salwar suit with sequins border.

  • Ribbon Border

If you want to be the center of attraction in your next party then salwar suit with ribbon border is what that you need. Fancy Lace Border Ribbon borders can make you plain salwar suit look fashionsky extraordinary which you can flaunt with great style and attitude. You can also customize the ribbon as per your preference.