Lace Ribbon

We design range of Fancy Lace ribbon and New Arrival made by premium quality threads. To attract the attention – shine and finish is must, the fancy lace ribbon available in kajal flozen trends are known for attractive colour. These laces ribbons are available in dazzle design that impart elegance. These lace ribbons are acclaimed for colourfastness, durability, elegant designs, premium quality, and fine finish. Made using the best raw material, all products are approved for quality by professional standards. Moreover, we keep client satisfaction top in mind.

We are lace ribbon manufacturer we make different kind of ribbons. To name a few polyester satin Ribbon, printed ribbon, Grosgrain Ribbon, Nylon velvet ribbon.

We manufacture best quality products as per customer demand. The variety is available in different colour, design, and width. This availability of this product has enabled us to fulfill the demand of clothes designing industry.

Ribbons are narrow woven fabric, used to decorate the garments. Metallic fibres are used to increase the aesthetic value of Ribbons.

Lace is decorative and an extra beauty extract fabric that is made from jari, metallic yarn, cotton yarn or polyester yarn. Silk Ribbon, Velvet Ribbon, Satin Ribbon

Kajal flozen Trendz offer ribbon which can use mainly in Ladies cloth manufacturing, other than can be used in Baby Garments and Suiting & Shirting. We design Lace ribbon in such a way that can make a value of ribbon look fancier. Ribbons are like fabrics in the way which they designed. Textures and Colours are selected base on fashion trends, seasons and intended uses.

In today’s some Lace, Ribbons are made from different kinds of fabrics like silk ribbon, velvet ribbon, satin ribbon, tartan plaid, grosgrain, and cotton to synthetics which include nylon, rayon, and polyester. They can be non-woven or woven, sheer, printed, plain and patterned, and decorated with sequins and glitter. Ribbons can have metallic wired edges or simple cut edge finish.

Types of Lace Ribbon:
  • Satin Ribbon

Satin ribbon is favourite crafter because it comes in about every colour, and available in the single face and double face variation. This makes it the versatile ribbon styles and subtle sheen makes it the perfect for any garment.

  • Printed Ribbon

One best quality of printed ribbons is that they are almost infinitely customizable! , we can customize our clothes design by this kind of ribbon which enhance the look.

  • Lace Ribbon

It is durable as satin or grosgrain, but lace ribbon adds the touch of elegance to any kind of clothes. It is made for ideal trim on heirloom dresses and handmade clothes.

  • Velvet Ribbon

When it about velvet, we think of elegance and luxury which makes it the top material for special garments. With a great texture and many colour options, velvet ribbon is perfect special occasion clothes. Wedding clothes are the perfect occasion for velvet ribbon in your dress.

  • Floral Ribbon

Perfect for summer and spring. You can layer it on your basic cloth for the boho chic style. The floral ribbon on Any pastel colour dress gives the best summer holiday feel.