Embroidered Borders

Embroidery designs are made via using a thread or yarn and a needle. Initially, it was restricted to basic stitches like, chains, buttons, satin, blanket, running, and cross stitch was employed and with time, embroidery borders designs are used for making embroidery laces and other accessories too.

Kajal® Flozen Trendz LLP is known for promoting Indian culture via its embroidered ladies garments manufacture. We provide a range of women wear lace materials including, lace tape, cotton laces, braids, etc. These embroidered lace fabrics are of high quality and our craftmanship is unmatchable. We provide embroidered laces for Salwar Suits and sarees.  Embroidery is our trademark and we are glad to serve our customers.

Lace ribbon borders are an important aspect of saree. It enhances the look of a saree and makes it look beautiful so as to suit our customer’s taste and elegance. There are various types of fancy lace borders for sarees and salwar kameez. Lace tape borders differ from one saree to another as per its fabric, size, pattern, and colour. These embroidered designs are made up of yarn and fabrics, stitched together to form a pattern or a design.

Kajal® Flozen Trendz LLP provides a broad range of embroidered laces women garments including, printed lace border, embroidered lace border, lace piping border, Gota Patti lace border, ethnic border, bold velvet lace borders, Parsi Gara lace borders, Mirror work lace borders. They also have a vast range of women accessories with authentic works embedded on them.

Printed lace border – is always in demand and these fancy laces are commonly used in daily use sarees. These embroidered laces are washable and do not get destroyed easily.

Embroidered lace designs – are used in sarees, dresses, shawls, necklines, sleeve. These embroidered lace fabrics can be used on a single row, or even in two or three rows. Some decorations like, sequins and beads can be added to make the dress material look motre gorgeous.

Lace piping border – can be used in plain sarees. These embroidered fancy laces are created like crochet border.

Gota patti lace borders- are created for adding lustre to sarees which are usually worn in parties. This lace work is known for its heavy embroidery work. It is made with stonework, gold, silver, or copper gota. It goes with both bright and dull colors.

Ethnic borders- are handcrafted borders and known for their elegance. These embroidery designs seem like an art printed over sarees.

Velvet borders- add lustre to sarees. Velvet is known for its vibrant look. Thus, it has the capacity to add shine to a simple saree.

Parsi Gara- work is expensive but their cheaper versions are also available which uses fine needlework.

Mirror work lace borders add dazzling effects to a saree when they are woven with a thread in pastel shades.

Kajal® Flozen Trendz LLP believes in customer satisfaction and we provide a wide range of lace materials so as to suit preferences and demands of various clients for different occasions. Ladies garments and women accessories are our signature products and we provide these products at a reasonable price as compared to other wholesalers and manufacturers.